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Happy New Year!

14 Feb

1012554_10152150964334764_8674422_nInspiration strikes in strange ways, this time, it was during dreamtime, and I was riding a giant wave.  I’ve never surfed but if it’s a gazillionth as incredible as my dream, hell, I’m out there….just as soon as the weather warms up!  So, big waves, jade greens, icy blues, foaming whites, deepest indigo, drift wood, old tyres, doll’s arms…..all very inspiring and that dream has started me on my new year project.  This term, or semester as they insist on calling it, we are told told develop our own brief, so, the sea it is!  I’ve been looking at work by Brendan Stuart Burns, Helen Carnac and Elizabeth Turrell for inspiration, making test tiles in my studio at home, pinning a mood board, and digging out dozens of big wave images from the net.  Hell, I’ve even been reading poetry about the sea …girl’s keen this time around!