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Sea Change

16 Apr

Sea Change

Another brooch ready for the show. Things are coming together nicely, despite being ill for so long, now I need to get some of the pictures to the framer and decide how I want to display the jewellery. Being without internet connection for weeks has been a pain, too, but have purchased an iPad to hotspot through my phone! Can’t wait until the 23rd for my new wifi connection…who knew how much we would come to depend on the web for daily chores?


A Silversmith comes to visit….

1 Apr


Mary Ann Simmons came to visit us today, an accomplished and gifted Silversmith…very warm, accessible and generous with her advice and insights, it was a real pleasure to spend time with her.  Mary Ann is a Liveryman of the Goldsmith’s Company, Teacher, and inspirational Silversmith, it was a delight to spend the day with her and she kindly gave me a very useful tutorial after her talk.  I’m inspired!